Yoyogi Park


Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympic village in 1964, and used by the military as a parade ground. People usually have picnics, jog, or participate in other recreational activities at the weekend. Sometimes they hold events like the free market and international festivals. Also, Yoyogi park is known as a popular spot for cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy beautiful flowers each season. The “oasis in a busy city.” Around the park, there are many cafes and bakeries, so if it is a sunny day, you should order a take out for a picnic.

What things to do in Yoyogi Park?

See seasonal flowers

There are many cherry blossom trees, and in spring, we can see them bloom around the park. Japanese like to see cherry blossoms and have a picnic under the cherry trees, so this season is the most crowded. If you want to enjoy it this way, I recommend going out early in the morning. Before summer, you can see hydrangeas and roses. In front of the Shibuya gate, there is a rose garden, so you can smell the fragrances of roses when you go through the gate. During the fall, you can see beautiful autumn leaves. It is the best spot to have a little walk or take a break.





You can enjoy cycling even if you don’t have your bicycle. There are cycling centers that rent out three types of bicycles which are; adult, children, and tandem. There are two cycling courses, the child course, and the general course (1.8km). It feels nice to feel the breeze of fresh air cycling in the greenery.



Location:2-1 Yoyogi kamizono-cho,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Open hour :9am- 4:30pm(Lending until 4pm)

close :Monday (However, If it falls on a national holiday, the next day) December 29th to January 3rd

Price: ¥210/1hour


They usually hold Thai festivals, summer festivals, and a Christmas event. It is the best place to learn about different cultures while enjoying cuisines. If you have a chance, check the event schedule, and join.




※Due to coronavirus, some events have been cancelled. Please check the website for the latest updates.

We are currently requesting the following for infection prevention measures at Yoyogi Park.

・Wearing a mask

・Thorough hand washing and disinfection

・Secure social distance

・Use while avoiding crowded places and times


Around Yoyogi Park, there are many fancy cafes. Why don’t you take a walk in the park with a cup of coffee or have a picnic?



This famous bakery is near Yoyogi Koen station. The name of this shop means it is open 365 days. The chef carefully selects the ingredients, especially what wheat they use. The most popular bread is chocolate croquet. Enjoy the taste and texture of the pastry.


Location:1-6-12, Tomigaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 1 minute walk from Yoyogi koen Station

Open hour:7am-7pm




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