Roast your own tea!


Tea? We've never bought it!

Surprise, surprise, people in Totsukawa they grow their own tea at home. In the spring/early summer, they pick the new leaves and make roast tea.

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Come join making the fresh Totsukawa tea in the spring/early summer or you can roast tea and make Totsukawa tea anytime!



I’m Hanako, I’m a "new" local in Totsukawa! I moved here in October 2019, previously having only lived in major cities. The whole village is my playground. Since I moved here, I’ve been enjoying the lifestyle and stunning natural spaces of Totsukawa every day. I even started growing my own vegetables. I love it here because the local people are very warm-hearted and have helped me a lot. I’d love to show you around and introduce you to many lovely locals so if you want to visit Totsukawa, please contact me.