Namba Yasaka Shrine


Namba Yasaka Shrine

-One of the most unique and photo-worthy shrines in Osaka-


Namba Yasaka Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Namba district of Osaka. You will be amazed by its enormous lion head-shaped building! It’s very close from the Namba main station, so why don’t you give it a try visiting it?


What it is like?

The current shrine buildings are post-war reconstructions. This outstanding establishment features an enormous lion head-shaped building, measuring 12 meters high and 11 meters wide. Moreover, every year on the third Sunday of January, a Tug-of-War Ritual takes place in the shrine. In 2001, this ritual was designated Osaka City’s first intangible folk cultural property.


What you can see?

What makes the shrine unique and photo-worthy is, of course, the enormous lion-shaped stage called “Shishi Den”. It is an almost entire concrete building, but some parts inside are made of wood. The eyes are lights and the nose is a loud speaker! The sanctruary inside enshrines the powerful and brave soul of Susanoo-no-Mikoto who is one of the dities protecting the local area.

Access to Dotonbori

From Namba station (Osaka Metro) → 6 minutes walk

From Namba station (Nankai Line) → 6 minutes walk

From Daikokucho station (Osaka Metro) → 7 minutes walk

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